Rates are $1500 for a full day charter. It includes beverages, snacks and a light lunch. (If you prefer, we can arrange a catered feast.) You will have the pleasure of taking part in every aspect of this unique fishing experience. Each trip begins with guests helping to catch live fresh mackerel for bait and then off to locate the Giants.

All gear needed for your trip is supplied or you can bring your own custom gear. We have a fighting chair, Islander series rods with 2 speed reels. You can get harnessed into the chair or use fixed rods holders. We can show you whatever style of hookup you want chumming, kite fishing, trolling etc.

We prefer to fish around MacLeods Ledge but if you would like to fish a tournament elsewhere or have a special request we will do what we can to to have our boat there to accommodate your needs. At Sea Run Tuna Charters we have a hookup ratio second to none on PEI and non-comparable elsewhere.

Season opens mid July and runs until October. We are allowed to catch and release two fish per day and our commercial licence allows us to harvest one fish per year.

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